Network Intrusion Analysis


This stage involes gathering as much infromation about the target as we can.There are two types of reconnaissance: passive&active.

How to recon in passive

Passive reocn involves gathering informatin without "touching" the target.Your target must not be aware of our actions.Probably the first place to start is to simply "Google" you target.
Then, "Whois" is a Website that you can use to lookup information about a domain.

Firefox has a ton of plugins that provide a wealth of reconnaissance tools.

  1. Passvie recon by Justin Morehouse:provides a menu of reconnaissance tools to your browet.
  2. SQLInjectme by Security Campus:can be used to test for SQL Injection vulnerablilites.
  3. FirebugWorkingGroup:can be used to review HTML/Javascript/CSS live.

So,we will use network analysis.Let enjoy...